The Coming War

The great King Mineal has sent the following proclamation out via broadsheet and the bardic community —

A call to all adventurous types:

There is distressing news from our neighbors to the north.  Someone or something has banded together the more aggressive races (goblinoids and orcs for certain; others rumored) together into an organized force.  This force has conquered many kingdoms to the north and is continuing a relentless march southward, such that it is now invading our northern neighbor Ithany. 

The great King Mineal would help his neighbors, lest the invasion reach his kingdom of Sheolkance.  As such, the great King Mineal requests all able bodied adventurous types to congregate at Artanges Keep on our northern border.  Meet with Captain Riffolk Landson for further instructions.

A D&D 5e campaign set in a unique world.

# Characters start at 1st level and can be of any non-evil alignment.

## Core rules

# Characters start at 1st level and can be of any non-evil alignment.

  1. Characters can be built with the following options:

    1. Core Rules

      1. Feats option turned on.
      2. Variant humans can be played, if desired.
    2. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

      1. Any of the class options can be used
      2. Any non-Realms specific background can be used (no Faction Agent, Far Traveler, Uthgardt Tribe Member, or Waterdhavian Noble).


The Coming War